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  SKI LIFT can help drive your business

Travel and entertainment go hand in hand so we harmonized them into one platform for your customers.   

Real-Time Marketing

Our interactive platform markets your business to potential customers in real time.  Our platform allows you to advertise any content you may choose, while we provide seamless booking of luxury group transport for your customers.  SKI LIFT does not charge local businesses for marketing.

Logistic Management

Local restaurants, don't turn down business because you don't know if customers will stick to a schedule.  Managing logistics is our specialty.  We keep the clocks running on time for large groups.


Property Managers

Our intuitive booking app was designed with the focus on your guests.  From a wealth of interactive information on dining, activities, and popular local destinations, guests may book their entire trip in minutes.  Your guests will enjoy a first class experience in our custom Mercedes Sprinters and Lincoln Navigator, the finest vehicles for group transport in the high country.

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