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Everything You Need to Know

FAQ's of SKI LIFT Limousine

Is Ski Lift Limousine a private or shared service?

We offer private service only.  You won't share the vehicle with strangers.  Our pricing is unique from other shuttle services, in that we make it affordable for smaller groups.   If you have as few as 3 passengers, it is certainly advantageous for you to spend 2 minutes to get a quote with our web app.

What are the steps in booking a ride?

  • Click the link to advance to the web app.

  •  Enter your contact information and local address for first-time users.

  • Browse and select a local destination or event.

  •  Enter your date of service and number of passengers.

  • Select available times travel times.

  • Confirm travel details and fare quote.

  • Manage all reservations from the app.

  • We'll send pre-payment details for rides outside of Summit County.

Can SKI LIFT cover all of the transportation needs of my group for the week?

Groups booking round trip service to/from Breckenridge receive 20% in-town service as well as concierge service for dinner reservations and activities.  Eliminate the planning headaches with our "e-Concierge", allowing guests to select a few desired destinations and dates and we'll coordinate the reservations and travel times.

What's the difference between SKI LIFT's vehicles and the competitors?

We operate custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury shuttles designed and constructed by Grech Motors, including
* partitioned privacy wall between guests and the driver,

* leather bucket seats and interior,
* theatre experience with premium A/V and lighting and stadium seating in the rear,
Please compare with the interiors posted on competing websites.

What if my desired times are not available?

SKI LIFT is newly formed and will be adding vehicles and service as demand dictates.  Please check for alternate times.  We recommend ample planning time to ensure availability for your group.

Do I need to stick to a schedule?

SKI LIFT keeps your costs lower by efficient scheduling.  Your group will need to plan in advance and be ready at scheduled pickup times.  You can always cancel and resubmit your request with another time prior to pickup.  We'll give you multiple reminders to make sure the clocks run on time.

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